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About WC3V
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About WC3v

A community site to share replays without needing to launch the game client.

All services are free and the code is open source with a GNU v3.0 license.

Replay uploads are limited by a ticketing system on an hourly basis.

All materials and assets are used strictly for educational use, no profits are made from this website.

Currently Supported Maps:

  • Amazonia
  • Battleground
  • Concealed Hill
  • Echo Isles
  • Friendss
  • Gnoll Wood
  • Last Refuge
  • Northern Isles
  • Synergy Big Paved
  • Terenas Stand
  • Twisted Meadows
  • Upper Kingdom
  • Guardians
  • Monsoon
  • Bloodstone Mesa

New maps are in development and tooling is being created on to import them automatically.

If you have a request for a map please open a github issue with the request

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Welcome to WC3V

A free and open source web based viewer for Warcraft III

(bnet, w3c, or netease)
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Slide 2 - WC3V Neutral Camp Pop-Up
Neutral Camp Pop-Up Details
WC3V analyzes and records information about neutral camps. Viewers may click on the camp box to show a pop-up of details about the camp.

The total level of the camp and the color (green, yellow, red) are displayed in the top right.

Experienced gained by players is displayed as if they only killed these neutral camps.

Camps can be displayed as unclaimed or contested. A contested camp means that two players interacted with a camp at the same time and no clear winner was determined.
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Slide 3 - WC3V Time Scrubber Controls
Time Scrubber Controls
WC3V shows a replay like a video player.

Some of the featured controls:
  • change playback speed
  • pause playback
  • seek to time (click or drag the tracking dot)
  • zoom and Pan (double click or mouse-wheel to zoom)
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Slide 4 - WC3V Player Status Window
Player Status
When a replay has been selected each player in the match will have an entry in the Player Status window.

Displaying team color, player color, and player name alongside other information with each of the three selectable tabs.
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Pro Replays
WC3V is pre-loaded with various pro-matches to get an example of high level play on some available maps.
Players Map Replay Link
Happy vs Grubby Concealed Hills link
Grubby vs Thorzain Concealed Hills link
Cash vs Foggy Concealed Hills link
Happy vs lucifer Echo Isles link
Foggy vs Cash Echo Isles link
Sonik vs TGW Terenas Stand link
Thorzain, Starshaped vs KNOIF, LILD.C 2v2-synergy link
INSUPERABLE vs KiWiKaKi Concealed Hills link
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